Zimbabwe Miners Federation gets lifeline as CBZ, other partners pledge financial support

LAST week Friday was a day to remember on the calendar of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF).

The day brought together ZMF, CBZ Bank, Ali Japan (Pvt) Ltd and government parastatal CMED around the table.

True, the gathering constituted a mere signing ceremony but was potentially significant within the mining sector, particularly to the small-scale gold miner.

During her presentation ZMF president Henrietta Rushwaya bemoaned the lack of resources for the small-scale miners, saying their potential was huge if they could find partners who were willing to assist.

Now that the void has been filled, with CMED, Ali Japan (Pvt) Ltd and CBZ Bank coming to the show, ZMF can heave a sigh of relief presumably now manage to mop up every ounce of gold from across the width and breadth of the Zimbabwe.

With this kind of scenario, the sky can now only be the limit for ZMF and the thousands of its membership.

Already, CBZ Bank has made an undertaking to support small-scale miners as movement towards President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030 gathers momentum, adding that the miners deserved it for their contributing at least US$1 billion per month into the national coffers.

It was also heartening to listen to Mines minister Winston Chitando assuring witnesses to the ZMF signing ceremony that6 the country was slowly and surely drifting towards attainment of Vision 2030 of US$12 billion annual economy.

And the one good thing with the MoU among ZMF and its tripartite partnership of CMED, Ali Japan and CBZ Bank is its complimentarity.

The sad incidents reported in the media where, for instance, senior ZimParks officials would collude with some illegal gold miners in a game park in Chimanimani to clandestinely carry out mining activities there so that they (ZimParks officials) would buy the yellow metal may now not go on unchecked.

The MoU among ZMF and its partners has now increased mobility and outreach on the part of ZMF, with the Federation’s capacity to mop up gold from the furthest parts of the country now enhanced.

There is, after all, light at the end of the tunnel for Zimbabwe’s Vision 2030, which is mainly driven by the mining sector, with ZMF now expected to play a major role.