Zesa disconnects Mnene Hospital for two weeks

ZIMBABWE Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) has disconnected Mnene hospital over unpaid  bills.     

The institution is one of the biggest referral hospitals in Midlands, and has been without electricity for the past two weeks.

The hospital failed to settle an undisclosed amount of  electricity bill.

Some hospital officials told Zim Morning Post that corpses were rotting at the mortuary and the institution was advising relatives of the deceased that they should take their bodies to private funeral parlours because of the electricity crisis..

“The situation is unbearable and we don’t even know when the situation will normalise with power being restored,” said one nurse who preferred anonymity.

Sources said the referral hospital is relying on generators to power emergency and critical wards such as the maternity, intensive care unit (ICU) and theatre.

Patients were being served cold food and relied on candles and torches in wards where there was no generator powered lighting.

This development further cements the death of healthcare system in the country and need for Zesa to give exemption to some critical institutions.

The hospital’s chief executive was not immediately available for comment at the time of writing.