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ZEC suspends voter registration


The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Monday suspended the Voter Registration Blitz scheduled to begin December 6 which was aimed at “addressing under-registration and affording new voters who have turned 18 a chance to register.”

Voter registration is arguably one of the most important pre-election activities, as voter registration ensures equitable participation in elections, enhances voter turnout, and impacts on the delimitation of constituency boundaries.

The Election Resource Centre (ERC) believes the postponement of the December voter registration blitz is a missed opportunity for the Electoral Commission,

“The voter registration blitz was important, particularly for engaging first-time voters and under-registered areas ahead of delimitation. COVID-19 has presented challenges to the administration of voter registration as the pandemic has greatly impacted the accessibility of registration centres and the inclusiveness of the process,” the ERC said in a statement

“The voter registration blitz scheduled for December was an opportunity for ZEC to take advantage of the low COVID-19 infection rates, implement and test the effectiveness of the ZEC COVID-19 Policy on Electoral Activities and overcome the challenges imposed by the pandemic.”