Zanu PF youths scramble for suspended Togarepi’s position

  • Darkhorse tipped to replace Togarepi
  • Hwedza South parliamentarian touted as one of the favourites
  • Aspirants charm Mnangagwa as the sole appointing authority

SYCOPHANCY has reigned supreme within the ranks of Zanu PF youth league as the race to replace former national secretary Pupurai Togarepi reach fever pitch, resulting in backstabbing by aspirants.

Zim Morning Post understands that a lot of scheming and ‘covert operations’ have taken centre stage with aspiring youth league members going all out to charm President  Emmerson Mnangagwa who is the appointing authority.

Sources close to the goings-on told this publication that Mnangagwa is likely to appoint a dark horse, dumping the perceived favourites.

“For you to serve in this position you should be appointed by the President and several people are trying to charm the President so that he appoints them but they might be left egg-faced when the President appoints a dark horse,” the source revealed.

According to Zanu PF insider,s  Deputy Minister of Youth Tinoda Machakaire is also eyeing for the same post, angling himself for a seat in Politburo. 

“Tinmac (Machakaire) is also eying the same post and but has been playing  his cards close to his chest.

“His close relationship to Kuda Tagwirei can push him to victory since he (Tagwirei) is believed to have great influence in the country’s decision making, imagine he can attend meetings at State House wearing jeans.

“Besides that, he is a hard worker who has turned the fortunes of people in his constituency Wedza South,” revealed the source.

THE Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport,Arts and Recreation Tinoda Machakaire is also tipped for the position

Former Harare province youth league boss Godwin  Gomwe has also been taunted as one of the front runners to replace Togarepi .

“Gomwe is known for his strength to mobilize and he also has clout and financial capacity.

“He has also occupied a leadership position in the youth league and that gives him an edge,” opined our source. 

 Motormouth  Deputy Minister of Information and Publicity Energy Mutodi is believed to have also shown interest although efforts to contact him proved fruitless at the time of writing as his mobile phone was unreachable.

Acting Youth League Deputy Secretary, Tendai Chirau,  whose name is also being thrown in the ring, dismissed  the speculation that he is campaigning for the position.

” The decision of that position lyes in the hands of the President, he is the one who appoints, so this wild speculation that I am campaigning   is misguided and mischievous,” Chirau said.

Top Zanu PF officials who declined to be named strongly believe that Mnangagwa will make a surprise appointment and place an unexpected trusted lieutenant.