We was robbed…. Adios Godfather

THIEF thy name is death!

He died at 40- an age where life supposedly begins.

I have been in media practice since 2004 as a greenhorn broadcaster at Studio 263.

I have filmed funerals, attended same but never written an obituary.

Godwin ‘Godfather’ Muzari’s untimely death has prompted me to hit the keyboard and pay my respect to the gentle giant.

I first met Godfather at Chelsea bar when he was in the company of H Metro assistant news editor Trust Khosa and my college mates Albert ‘Burning Spear’ Marufu and Liberty Chirove.

Very reserved he was and he only started interacting after our third round of the wise waters.

I was a novel character to him so I guess he had to become wiser first and ‘study’ me before he could freely interact.

I was then tomeet him again at Farai liquor spot in my childhood neighbourhood of Glen Norah and he was to advise me that he stayed near the Chitubu area.

We became drinking mates at that joint this and every weekend.

Then I had joined Zimpapers as an entertainment  reporter and he was with Alpha media where I religiously followed his articles.

Who would not get mesmerised by Midas touch of his pen!

His intimate relationship with the sungura music genre was evident in his work, and it is for that reason that I occasionally consulted him for contacts and story ideas.

He had an open door policy and he would never refuse to assist.

Leonard Zhakata and Thomas Makion were my only favourite sungura artistes having grew up intoxicated with dancehall and hip hop.

But it is through Godfather’s writing that I developed an appreciation of sungura music .

Talented with the pen he was.

We never worked for the same stable at any point in time but we ‘worked’ wise waters together and shared story ideas.

In the past one year, we frequented the same watering hole called Donhodzo located in the central business district.

He would come wearing his signature smile along with Nyore Madzianike and we would enjoy our sundowners and brainstorm story ideas.

He was however not one person who spoke about his private life..probably because I was not his close friend, I was a drinking mate ,colleague and soldier in the same struggle to inform, educate and entertain through the pen.

He however always spoke about his experience sharing lodgings with Albert Marufu and  Trust Khosa and how on one day they smoked something and washed all the blankets at their Warren Park lodgings.

Laughter is the best medicine and it’s sad I cannot laugh with the Godfather again

We was robbed!

One of my mentors Robert Mukondiwa is a complicated character who do not like people easily, but I was shocked when I  spoke to him and he waxed lyrical about Godfather’s likeable and cool character and wished him a peaceful rest in a place where we only speculate… Noone has been there.

It’s a journey where one travels solo as Winky D articulated in one of his songs.

Rwendo rwusingaperekedzwe.

My last favourite read from Godfather was the one he wrote about how Jesesi ‘Neria’ Mungoshi met the late Charles.

It was well written and I have always thought Muzari and Mungoshi’s facial morphology had striking resemblances especially the shape of their noses, so did the touch of their pens—sheer finnese.

If heaven has a writers guild, it is without a shred of doubt that they shall meet.

They also both liked the bottle.

I wonder if heaven has a watering hole but I’m alive to the fact that Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into alcohol at the wedding of Canna.

Not that it matters!

Sleep easy Godfather and may your young family be comforted and memories of you will give them the strength they need to proceed.

Your name will forever be engraved in the local journalism fratenity hall of fame.