VP Mohadi’s ‘marriage’ on rocks: younger ‘wife’ deserts him

VICE President Kembo Mohadi’s romantic union with second
‘wife’ Juliet Mutavhatsindi is teetering on the brink of collapse
after Mutavhatsindi unceremoniously left the ‘matrimonial’
house, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

Mutavhatsindi, was first known to the public at Mohadi’s
swearing in ceremony at the State House in 2018.

Impeccable sources told Zim Morning Post that
Mutavhatsindi had irreconcilable differences with Mohadi
compelling her to flee.

“She left the VP (Mohadi) in a huff. I am not sure what
triggered the breakup but it has been a while now since they
parted ways. The challenge with these younger women is
that they still want to enjoy life. They are free spirited,” an
impeccable source said.

“Being married to a vice president needs a lot of maturity
and decorum. There is need to undergo etiquette training
required and she lacked such,” the source added.

The marital status between Mutavhatsindi, believed to
be in her early 30s, and Mohadi, 71, has been a subject o
conjecture. She has never been formally introduced to the
nation as his wife.

Inference was then reached after Mohadi paraded her during
State events including his swearing in ceremony in 2018.
In October 2018, Mutavhatsindi admitted to bedding
Mohadi while his marriage to Senator Tambudzani Bhudagi
Mohadi (nee Muleya) was still subsisting.

She made the revelations in response to adultery damages
lawsuit filed by Tambudzani who was claiming ZWL1, 5
million in damages.

Mutavhatsindi acknowledged dating Mohadi but
denied liability of the claimed damages.

Mohadi’s love life can easily pass off like a script taken
off a soapie following the manner of his two break

He had a messy divorce with Tambuzani with the
divorce proceedings obliging them to be in and
out court with different applications including a
protection order against Tambudzani.

The messy break up is not new in the presidium, with
Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and ex-wives
Joselyn Chiwenga and Marry Mubaiwa’s dramatic
divorces setting precedent.

“The challenge is if you get a trophy woman, she is
bound to create some sort of drama,” opined a political
analyst who preferred anonymity.

“It has happened elsewhere, look at how Monica
Lewinsky destroyed Bill Clinton’s decorated political
career,” the observer noted.

Efforts to get a comment from Mohadi’s office proved
fruitless at the time of writing on Monday.