Too many buffoons in Zimbabwe who use the prefix Doctor: Coltart

MDC Treasurer General David Coltart has turned down an honorary degree which required him to pay a US$5,500 workshop fee before conferring him with the accolade.

In an invitation letter to Coltart, the London Graduate School said.

“As part of the activities lined up to celebrate and challenge leaders like you, a selected number of distinguished personalities who will accept to attend and participate in the Dubai leadership workshop have been nominated to receive the Honorary Doctorate Degree of the Commonwealth University. You are among the persons selected in recognition of your achievement and contributions.”

Coltart refused the degree extended to him by the London Graduate School and Commowealth university (London Office) insisting that there were too many illogical Zimbabweans called doctors.

“I have decided not to accept the honourary doctorate! There are already far too many buffoons in Zimbabwe who use the prefix Doctor.” Coltart said.

This comes as a plethora of universities which are springing up dishing out these dubious qualifications.

Kent University law lecturer Alex Magaisa said some of the universities are engaging in a well-orchestrated scam that involves cashing in on workshop fees.

“Thanks David for highlighting this scam. The clue is in the “workshop fees” worth $US5,500 The con-artists prey on the gullible and pretentious characters desperate for titles. They know there’s a market that happily pays for such titles,” Magaisa said on Twitter.