Telecel boss speaks out

  • Telecel has done things above board
  • Company awaits funding
  • Telecel needs to upgrade its network system

Following a series of articles concerning several issues affecting Telecel, Zim Morning Post reporter Vaness Mhizha (VM) caught up with Zimbabwe’s third mobile Telecoms company boss, Angeline Vere (AV) and below are some of the excerpts of the interview:

VM: Is there a proper interactive relationship within management and Telecel employees?

AV: Yes there is a works council which has management representatives and employees are represented through an elected Workers Committee.

VM: Issues have been raised with regards to corruption within Telecel particularly at managerial level. What is your comment?

AV: We believe we have always done things above board and to procedure. Any reported instances of wrong doing are open to investigation.

VM: May you explain how the system collapse (IT) has affected the smooth follow of business with the organisation?

AV: The technical issue affected the ability of our prepaid customers to buy bundles, as well as our email and financial reporting system. These systems have since been sorted out.

VM: Government, who happen to be the major shareholders in Telecel has alleged that Telecel is not making any profits and has become a fiscus headache, is there any truth to this? In your view what do you think should be done to bring back Telecel to profitability?

AV: The core issue is Telecel needs to improve its network coverage and upgrade its systems.   The Board is working on a recapitalisation program to ensure funding for these needs is met.

VM: Information Communication Technology and Courier Services (ICT) minister Jenfan Muswere appears jolted by management’s failure to meet their job description objectives, again what is your comment to this?

AV: Management has tried to sweat the current resources which now need augmentation. It has been very clear in the identification of what needs to be done through the 5 year strategic plan which has now been adopted by the Board. What remains is the funding to be availed.