Tammy Moyo, Boss T1 dazzle guests at music critic’s wedding

SHE walked on stage sporting her traditional hairstyle that has become her signature.

Her name is Tammy Moyo, one of the most sought after music divas in the country.

Before belting out her first song, she gave a ‘shout out’ to the bride and groom, who were equally looking dapper.

At one instance the groom was clad in Indian apparel similar to the one rocked by Simba Chikore at arguably the wedding of the year at Blue roof!

It was at an occasion of a rare , well-choreographed wedding of music critic Nyasha Chuma alias Ba Ryan in the social circles.

The date was March 7.

He was tying the knot to his long time beau, the vivacious Ashley Mudoni.

Marital bliss:Nyasha ‘Ba Ryan’ Chuma and bride Ashley Chuma (nee Mudoni)

The reception was at the dam side of Carribea Bay hotel, and it resembled a script taken off a Hollywood movie.

As the bride  walked down the aisle, emotions clouding the venue were so ‘visible’ that you could cut them with a knife.

You could see tears rolling down the groom’s mother’s cheeks. She flew all the way from United Kingdom to cry alas tears of joy!

Music critic Ba Ryan in the company of mother who failed to contain emotions

Tammy ‘s inimitable voice echoed across the valley , as Kariba birds joined in the singing around the flora and fauna that the resort town boasts of.

After Tammy, came Arnold Gara (also known as T1 in Wenera) whose silky voice serenaded the guests.

The guest list was filled with business executives, musicians and State enterprises bosses alike.

Pastor  Zulu of Innercity Church Of Christ joined the couple in Holy Matrimony and MC Chamaz made sure people displayed their nimble feet as his Midas Touch on the turntable played out.

MC Chamaz held the fort while DJ Muzezuru of Nyami Nyami FM was on the ones and twos.

For the couple, it was simply an epoch- a way of life that will never happen again!

Tammy and Gara will remain forever etched in their memories as they enjoy marital bliss.