Redeemed Christian Fellowship invades Bulawayo

PASTOR Hazvinei Muchefa of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship Ministries International (Recfemi) will at the weekend invade Bulawayo on what appears to be a “heaven on earth” campaign.

If the hair raising miracle episodes that take place at church meetings attended in Harare are anything to go by, then those attending the church’s crusades will be in for a treat.

Some time in September, this reporter had an encounter with a shattering miracle which could only point to something supernatural.

Way back that September, when time came last Sunday for the church founder, Reverend Hazvinei Muchefa, to make the alter call (having preached on the power of Christ’s word to heal and raise the dead), a sickly man (name withheld) with hernia joined the prayer line.

Hernia is a medical condition in which a part of the body protrudes abnormally through a tear or opening in an adjacent part, especially of the abdomen.

In an interview with Zim Morning Post at the Recfemi Ministry Church Headquarters in Waterfalls, Uplands Shops, 745 Forbes Road in Harare, the now apparently fully healed man expressed his gratitude at what he said was the power of “the risen Christ” to completely heal the sick.

“I had been ill now for more than four weeks,” he said.

“When I visited a private doctor, I was diagnosed with hernia.”

“For all that time to date, I had suffered from perennial excruciating pain,” he added.

But in between times, a lot also has happened: Those who used to regularly see snakes and have their clothing items burnt are reportedly no longer experiencing those things.

The blind have also reportedly received their sight, with the sick getting a clean bill of health.

True, Rev Muchefa’s may be little known, but God seems to cover that Church with His glory.