Raj Modi in illicit brew storm

Raj Modi in illicit beer manufacturing storm

DEPUTY Minister of Industry and Commerce Raj Modi has been fingered in the manufacturing of illicit brew in Bulawayo, Zim Morning Post can report.

Zim Morning Post understands that Modi is making brisk business through the production of an illicit brew known as ‘Commander In Chief’.

The brew is known as musombodhiya in street lingo and is composed of ethanol or methanol.

Musombodiya has caused several deaths especially in high density suburbs.

“Modi is behind the illicit brew manufacturing. He runs a plant where he produces a brew called Commander In Chief and he supplies the high density areas in Bulawayo. The beer costs US$1 and each case has 30 units,” said a highly placed source.

Modi’s case comes after the tenant of cabinet minister Joram Gumbo, was arrested and police recovered five drums of ethanol and empty bottles labelled “Two Keys”.

Originally from Gujarat, India, Modi graduated from South Gujarat University and briefly Modi could not be reached for comment as he was said to be stuck in Australia.

He is the only Indian national in the National of Assembly and in 1981, he married a Zimbabwean Parul Kothari.

A few months later, the newlywed couple came to Zimbabwe for what was supposed to be a temporary visit, but ended up staying after Parul’s father died.

Modi found work at a department store and eventually opened a tuck shop.

In 1999, he opened his first supermarket, eventually owning as many as twelve before selling them in 2013.