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Jaison Muvevi manhunt: Police officers flee shoot out

Police officers flee shoot out

Jaison Muvevi on Friday killed a church leader of the Masowe sect at a church gathering in Mukamba area in Wedza before exchanging gun fire with Marondera police. 

A Marondera reaction team, comprising Inspector Hove in the company of Sgt Mutungambera Godwin, Cst Madziva James Simbi, Cst Dambanomweya Farai, Cst Manyika Emmanuel and Detective Constable Andara Webster and Detective Constable Mugova Tendai intercepted the armed man before exchanging gun fire.

The police approached the triple homicide suspect and when the accused saw that it was the police he pulled a pistol from his waist and fired some shots leading to an exchange.

During the shooting incident, the police firearm jammed  and the armed man continued firing at the police officers.

According to a police memo, during this stampede of trying to escape from this firing the police lost one FN rifle and a pistol.

The other four police  officers escaped from the scene and left Inspector Hove who was sitted on the passengers seat, Sgt Mutungambera who was the driver and Detective Constable Mugova who was hiding underneath the motor vehicle after he had been shot. 

Sgt Mutungambera jumped through the window and kicked the accused person and managed to escape living behind Inspector Hove who was trying to open the locked passenger door. 

The armed man approached  Inspector Hove and shot him twice on the head and left him uncounsious. 

 The armed man then drove the station vehicle and parked it outside the road.

 He then drove away his motor vehicle towards Mukamba area.

Sgt Mutungambera returned to the vehicle soon after the incident and also Cst Dambanomweya appeared from a hiding place and ferried Inspector Hove who was left in an unconsciousness state to Mt St Marys Hospital, Wedza and was admitted at the Hospital where he was pronounced dead by hospital staff.

Detective Constable Mugova who had been shot and left with wounds, was ferried to Mt St Marys hospital by a passerby Tafadzwa Chinyerere who is a school teacher at Matsine Secondary School and was later ferried to Morris Depot Camp Hospital for further treatment.

Three empty pistol cartridges were recovered in the cab of the ZRP Wedza 181T vehicle and were brought to the police sttion as exhibits. 

All various relevant Police offices were alerted of the incident. Scene was attended to and is under investigations under Wedza RRB number 5303650 and 5343501.