Panic ZBC boss hunts for whistleblower

Chaos erupted at the national broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), on Tuesday amid reports that the CEO Wisdom Hombarume launched a witchhunt spree in search of a whistleblower who “leaked the scandal to the media.”

This followed the publication of a story by the Zim Morning Post which directly implicated Hombarume in a fresh financial scandal.

As reported by this publication an internal audit has exposed Hombarume’ s dishonesty and financial indiscipline after he claimed for the company funds on the pretex that he was to attend a workshop in Botswana.

Insiders said Hombarume tried to cover up by launching a witchhunt spree instead of focusing on the issues raised in the article.

“It is chaotic, the boss is fuming and has vowed to weed out the whistleblower,” said the source.

Insiders told this publication that the story was posted on the ZBC Whatsapp chat group where the CEO was questioned by unpaid employees over the abuse of funds.

In one of his responses on the group Hombarume said he was “angry with the article which labelled him a thief when he was working to improve the conditions of the employees.”

After being bombarded by the angry employees on the group Hombarume then said: “Being on the radar, most probably, until a time when a court of law can convict you of any charges corruption of fraud related, before that point of course like any citizen you would be presumed innocent. Bare with me I am really angry with all the debts I have and the monies involved in this scandal, if you were in my shoes you would understand but I need to know.”

This comes as sources told this publication that ZBC employees have not yet received February salaries.

The scandal came to light after the ZBC board called for an internal audit of Hombarume’s foreign trips after he claimed for funds to attend a conference in Botswana but instead went to South Africa for private business.

Information at hand shows that Hombarume was cleared to attend a SADC TV Channel and post DTT migration workshop in Botswana.

Processes to secure his flight tickets and hotel bookings were done but Hombarume decided to go for a private business trip to South Africa.

The scandal has also sucked in Acting finance director Maxwell Judah who facilitated the procurement of the air tickets.

“A payment of US$ 1,244.00 towards the purchase of an air ticket of Hombarume was made on 30th of January 2020,” said the source who is one of the board members.

“Hombarumbe was scheduled to travel to Botswana on Saturday 8 February via Johannesburg.”