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No vaccination no job – Gvt

DAYS after the Zimbabwe government told its civil servants unwilling to get vaccinated to resign, Cabinet on Tuesday resolved that all unvaccinated civil servants will not be allowed at work.

In its weekly cabinet brief Government announced that: “Persuant to the previous announcement that all civil servants should be vaccinated, Cabinet further resolved that no unvaccinated civil servants will be allowed to come to work.”

This comes at a time when schools have just opened while thousands of teachers around the country have not yet been vaccinated due to various reasons.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary general Raymond Majongwe took a swipe at government saying the move creates unnecessary panic among teachers.

“This is tragic and shows a serious policy inconsistency,” Majongwe said.

“Government knows its employees and there is no reason why they can’t engage their employees…What law has been violated in this case?

“Teachers didn’t refuse to be vaccinated but failed to get the opportunity. Government has thrown the education calendar into disarray because according to our record not more than 10% of teachers were vaccinated countrywide.”

Zimbabwe has already made it mandatory for people to get vaccinated to go to markets, gyms, restaurants and university exams. Some private companies have also made it mandatory for their employees to be vaccinated.

Despite all efforts to increase innoculations against covid-19 the latest measures have triggered indignation among some, but also clogged up the vaccination centers, as people scramble to get a dose.

Currently about 4.4 million people have received a first dose in the country with 11% of the population fully vaccinated.

Zimbabwe has recorded more than 125 600 cases of Covid, including 4 543 deaths, since the start of the pandemic.