Mvurwi town council in corruption storm

MVURWI Town Council has been implicated in allegations of corruption, amid reports that two of its most senior managers are entangled in shady deals.

The two, who both work in the town’s Department of Housing, are said to own numerous houses and cars, with many workers reportedly wallowing in grinding poverty.

“Here we are as a council; two super rich managers operating in a pool of grinding poverty.

“Many people are wondering how this could be,” said our source who refused to be identified for professional reasons.

Another source within council told Zim Morning Post that most properties belonging to Mvurwi Town Council had now been monopolised by the two.

“There is no longer any more properties left for the town council.

“What is only left on the ground in Mvurwi is one or two stands, with the rest belonging to the two ladies or some associate council employees,” said the source.

Also involved in the scandal is the Mvurwi chairperson, one Nyakudya.

“Nyakudya stands accused of giving away land to her relative who stays in Bindura.

“She did this ahead others who were in the waiting list,” said another employee who who said he had a relative who was already in the queue, awaiting his chance for a stand.

One Zim Morning Post source also said investigations into the land scam were underway, with three Mvurwi council employees already in the throes of investigations following stands-related scandals

Others said to be at the forefront of the housing scandal are Watambwa and a lady only known as Simba.