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More recalls coming in October- Komichi

MDC-T National  Chairman Morgan Komichi has said that his party will intensify its proccess of recalling , legislators and councilors who have refused to dump the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC  Alliance.

Komichi was addressing party stewards over the weekend  at the party’s 22 second annivessary celebrations.

Komichi told members of his party that they have run out of patience and they are some people who were taking advantage of their liniency.

“Do not take advantage of our liniency, do not take advantage of our patience, there are times we all run out of patience, we have run out of patience now. Come October honourable President (Douglas Mwonzora) and leadership, I would like to see people being chased away from Parliament, chased away from local government, chased away from local council.

“Whoever is benefiting from this platform to sponsor Chamisa’s party must pack his bags and go home,” Komichi said.

Komichi said his party has set up a committee to make sure that those who do not support MDC T are fired from Parliament by October.

“We have actually put up a committee headed by our  Secretary for local government. She is not going to recommend the expulsion of anybody just from her head, she is travelling across the whole country meeting with councilors and MP’S and those that do not take heed will leave us in October, she is going to be operational for one month which is September alone when 31st of September arrives she will stay here (Harvest House) and the axe will be wielded,” he said.

Komichi said he will make sure that no mayor, councilor and MP who supports Chamisa will be spared.

“Honourable President I do not want to see any Member of Parliament who supports Chamisa, a provincial council who supports Chamisa.”

In response to the recalling threats Chitungwiza and Manyame Residents Association (CAMERA) Board Secretary Brighton Mazhindu said that vindictive politics was affecting ordinary people.

“We are very saddened by Komichi’s utterances, we are the people, we are the voters and this kind of politics affects service delivery. Our constitution should be ammmended to protect voters from this kind of politics,” Mazhindu told Zim Morning Post.

To date 39 MDC Alliance MPs and 81 local council elected officials were recalled since a March 2020 Supreme Court ruling that Chamisa was an illegitimate leader of the MDC.