Men gang rape woman

TWO Harare men have appeared before a Harare magistrate answering to criminal charges after they kidnapped a 34-old-woman under the guise of offering her transport before gang raping her.

Albert Masango (21) and Robert Chibhagidhi appeared before Magistrate Lenmore Mapiya answering to charges of Kidnaping, raping and theft and they were remanded to August 22 in custody.

Prosecuting Idah Maromo alleged that on July 28 Masango and Chibhagidhi offered the woman in question a lift from Mverechena shops, Domboshava to Mashroad.

The complainant was seated at the back seat of the vehicle in a silver in coloured Nissan Primera.

Upon arrival at Mashroad, Masango and Chibhagidhi failed to take heed of the complainants need to disembark and they locked the car doors trapping her inside before driving to Hatcliffe consortium where they indicated that they wanted to refuel their vehicle.

The pair shifted from the front seat and went to sit on either sides of the complainant placing her between them at the back of the vehicle before Chibhagidhi pulled out a knife and threatened to kill the complainant if she made any sound.

They ordered the complainant to remove all her clothes.

The state heard the complainant in fearing for her life did as she had been instructed as Chibhagidhi gave instructions to Masango to have a rape her using protection while he held her hands from fleeing or fighting back.

Chibhagidhi took his turn and raped the woman once without using protection.

It is alleged the pair kept taking turns until they were satisfied.

The pair detained the woman until the following day before stealing RTG$200 from her handbag and dumping her on the road side.