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Marry Mubaiwa freed


The High Court has freed Marry Mubaiwa who had been thrown into a 10-day detention by the lower court for purposes of mental examination by state doctors.

Magistrate Lazini Ncube last week condemned Mubaiwa to remand prison after ruling in favour of the State who had applied for Mubaiwa (39) to be detained at Harare Remand Prison where she would undergo mental evaluation to ascertain if she is fit to stand trial.

The ailing former fashion model, was ordered int hands of the officer-in-charge, at Harare Remand prison for the next 10 days.

Mubaiwa is accused of money laundering and assaulting a house maid.

The estranged wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is also facing charges of attempting to kill Chiwenga when he was bedridden.

She has been challenging the commencement of her trial arguing that she is physically and mentally unwell stand trial.

Mubaiwa, is battling lymphoedema, which causes wounds and swelling of her limbs.

She accuses her estranged husband of using the judiciary to settle scores.