It could be a “Merry Dhuterere” after all

IT’S that time of the year and evidently the jollities are already in the air.

Most shop displays in the city centre have given in to the red and green decorations of Christmas.

As per tradition, the flora and fauna of First Street and surrounding areas are glowing with Christmas lights.

Traditional carols will accompany the festivities as well as one artist or song(s) will be the soundtrack of Christmas.

Winky D, Rev Chivaviro and Obert Chari have dominated Christmas celebrations but in 2019, the soundtrack will be plucked from the unlikely gullies.

Let’s face it, Mambo Dhuterere is an unlikely contender, both in vocals or even presentations as per the expectations of the apostolic sect.

But that said, he is undoubtedly the man of the moment in local music.

Darlington ‘Mambo Dhuterere’ Mutseta is not a soulful vocalist like many gospel artistes; his vocals lie deep in-between the baritone and bass tones.

His dressing is unlike the white garmented look associated with the apostolic sect.
He is as trendy and fashionable as any of the ‘boys dze tonaz’ but with the unlikely traits.

His offing, Dare Guru, has been an instant hit.

Mambo Dhuterere has taken the music scene by storm and his music has become a sing-along for many.

With Jah Prayzah on a sabbatical, Winky set to release his fourth coming album on December 31 and Andy Muridzo caught in-between small gigs and marital problems, it now leaves Dhuterere as the only festive option.

While Freeman and Alick Macheso’s Ngaibake truly ignited the festive spirit, it was soon to drown in Dhuterere’s deep voice.

Tryson Chimbetu might be a contender with Maria, but the vast Dhuterere’s playlist seems to have an edge this festive season.

Duets with Seh Calaz and Mathius Mhere on tracks Reurura and Wemambo Nditarire respectively, more options like Chiuya Ishe, Ahuwerere and Mweya Ndisesekedza, among many, Dhuterere has enough picks for merry makers this season.

For Dhuterere, who recently won the Best Traditional Song of the Year with Mweya Ndisesekedze, the year seems to be ending on a high note.

From the unlikely makeshift street corner ‘record bars’ to cars, people’s phones, radio stations and to club deejay playlists, Dhuterere’s music is surely very popular.

Just like Mebho and Ebenezer, his tracks will surely rock this festive season.

It’s highly unlikely that in the next 14 days another hit will be released, a hit enough to drown the vast Dhuterere playlist.

Judging by what is on the ground, it will surely be a Dhuterere Christmas.

Wherever he is, Dhuterere is surely singing: Ndotenda Ishe Wangu.

And from us at Zim Morning Post, we wish you a ‘Merry Dhuterere’.