HCC loses up to US$9.6 million worth of purified water from burst pipes

  • US$800 000 worth of purified water lost through burst pipes
  • HCC needs US$800 million loan for  sewer, water pipe rehabilitation
  • HCC uses US$2 million to treat water every month
  • Water woes began way back in 1998

HARARE City Council (HCC) is losing about US$9.6 million worth of purified water annually from burst pipes, Zim Morning Post can report.

Investigations by Zim Morning Post have revealed that the municipality loses about 40% of its processed water from burst pipes monthly, while it needs US$2 million per month for chemicals used in water treatment for domestic use.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba said council needed about US$800 million to replace all old sewer and water pipes.

We intend to borrow US$800 million so that we do a holistic replacement of the sewer-pipe system.

“That would permanently resolve this problem because the whole system is now dilapidated following 40 years of service,” he said.

Gomba also said water woes began back in 1998, with the result that the city now spends US$2.7 million on average each month to purify water for drinking.

Cost on ratepayers

HCC, in its report, says residents lose an average hundreds of dollars in their quest to find clean drinking water.

Residents have resorted to selling water which is not purified, for instance, VAYA bulk water suppliers charge about ZWL600 per 5 000 litres of usable water.


Gomba also said a cumulative of 4 000 deaths were reported from the onset of the cholera the outbreak in the capital due to the unavalability of clean water.