HCC Acting Human Resources director Matengarufu in irregular loans storm

HCC Acting Human Resources director Matengarufu in irregular loans storm

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission(ZACC) has yet again descended on the Harare City Council (HCC), with the latest victim being the city fathers acting human resources boss Bozman Matengarufu, Zim Morning Post has learnt.

This publication understands that Zacc is investigating Matengarufu for alleged abuse of office where he irregularly granted a loan to a new employee identified as Moffat Ndlovu, in inexplicable circumstances.

“The issuance of loans has been temporarily halted but he went on to act in complete negation of company policy and gave the loan to his associate who is also believed to be underqualified,” revealed a source at Town House

According to documents gleaned by this publication, Matengarufu facilitated a $ZW20 000 study loan to one Moffat Ndlovu who was appointed in February as Principal Organisation and Methods Analyst (Grade 6)in the management service group under the human capital department.

This publication also learnt that a red flag over Ndlovu’s appointment was raised by other senior managers, prompting Matengarufu to hastily grant a loan for his associate to upgrade his qualifications.

When the interviews were conducted, Ndlovu scored fewer points.

So as a way to cover up,the acting human resources boss facilitated the dubious loan,” a source within ZACC told Zim Morning Post.

Further allegations are that despite acquiring the loan,Ndlovu is yet to enrol for further studies, giving strong suspicion that he diverted the funds for personal use.

Matengarufu could neither confirm nor deny the allegations and referred all questions to the city spokesperson Michael Chideme who watered down the allegations and stated that the process was above board.

“It is the responsibility of the Human Capital Director to assist employees’ access to loans for a variety of uses such as school fees, funerals and education,” said Chideme.