Former Local Government worker nabbed for selling State land

THE Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU) on Friday arrested a former Local Government employee for selling State land measuring 12 384 hectares for a song.

Rejoice Pazvakavambwa, who was the chief estates officer for State land then, is said to have abused her position to sell the land to one Taruvinga Hamura at US$65.

The letter of sale was dated December 17, 2008.

The intrinsic value of the land was US$24 384 at the time of sale.

“Sometime in 2008, the accused, who was chief estates officer for State lands, working in collusion with Taruvinga, offered the same stand number 300, Carick Craegh, Harare, measuring 12 384 hactares through a letter dated December 17, 2008 in the name of a minor, Michelle Hamura, a child to the said Taruvinga Hamura, who at law had no contractual rights,” read part of the charge shit.

According to the papers seen by Zim Morning Post, the said property is owned by the State and is being developed by Arosume Property Developers in partnership with the Sally Mugabe Housing Co-operative.

Fully equipped with this information because of her position, Pazvakavambwa went ahead to sell the stand, although she was aware of the contract signed by government, Sally Mugabe Co-operative and Arosume Property Developers on June 7, 2007.

Pazvakavambwa is also being accused of using her influence to facilitate transfer of deeds to Hamura for the land regardless of the fact that he had not paid any development fees.

“The accused facilitated the issuance of title deeds for the said property to Taruvinga Hamura after having given the same power of attorney despite the fact that he had no letter of declaration from the land developer, Arousome Property Development (Pvt) Ltd and had not paid any development costs to the developer as required,” read the charge sheet.

Pazvakavambwa has since been remanded in custody to November 20.