Electricity tariffs in 200% hike

ZIMBABWE Electricity Supply Authority ( ZESA) has granted the increase in electricity tariffs by 200% saying that it is necessary in order for them to import electricity.

In a statement released this week, ZESA said this increase was necessitated by the fact that the current 38,6c/kwh is no longer sustainable due to the movement of macro-economic fundamentals which has incapacitated the viability of service delivery around the country.

“Viability and service delivery has been severely compromised,” read part of the statement.

 The statement also revealed that the increase will enable the generation of the working capital needed for local power generation, repairs of power stations and importation of electricity.

The recent tariff for non-exporting businesses  was increased from an average of US9,86 cents/kWh to an average of US45c/kWh while tariffs for domestic consumers was increased from an average of US9,86c/kWh to an average of US27c/kWh.

The recent power cuts however have been attributed to low levels of water in the Kariba dam which is now failing to generate 1050MW as required , the deteriorating state of power stations which are constantly breaking down at Hwange  and bad debtors.