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ED running scared despite ransacking MDC says Chamisa


MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa says Zanu PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa are “still quirking in their boots” over the mention of Chamisa despite having ransacked his party through use of “willing tools” to force court rulings, parliament, council recalls, Harvest House ejection and denial of the political party finances.

Chamisa said the parading of former MDC members by Mnangagwa at State House as Zanu PF new recruits hit the depth of desperation adding it showed an obsession that belied the ruling party’s assertions that the opposition is a non entity.

Addressing party supporters during the MDC’s anniversary on Saturday, Chamisa said Zanu PF’s “authoritarian consolidation” and “dramatisation” of MDC defected members had reinforced the idea of change within the opposition and its supporters.

“Others are asking, you celebrate 22 years as who? We are celebrating the journey of this struggle. We are celebrating the idea. We have been out there for 22 years. We have seen it all. A lot has been thrown at us but we are still standing,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa whose fomration has been stripped of all MDC assets since losing a Supreme Court battle last year, said the ruling Zanu PF wanted to force the opposition into extinction but the “sustained and determined effort by the people’s oppressors to undermine and destroy the movement” will fail.

Chamisa said while Zanu PF has “used surrogates masquerading as opposition to impersonate us, usurp the people’s assets and to expel people’s lawfully-elected political representatives from elected bodies” his formation remained resolute.

“We are not just like any other party that’s why we have remained standing. You all so what happened to the party. Parliament is now a den of thieves. Parliament is no longer a legitimate body with a legitimate representation of the people… illegitimacy that was buffeting Mnangagwa’s seat is now migrated to parliament,” Chamisa said.

He further added that “the idea that holds us together transcends buildings, titles, labels, entitlements, emoluments or money” hence his party is targeting six million votes in the 2023 elections.

Chamisa said Zambia’s presidential elections that were recently won by an opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema, showed that the winds of change were blowing in the region.

“The party has grown bigger than it was. Wait and see zvakaitwa namukoma Hichilema, tinorova times 10 wedu unouyu. That’s why murikuona arikungwenda. Kungodaiwoso gwa gwa gwa gwa….(Mnangagwa will go the Zambia way that’s why you see him running scared). The people are very clear,” he said, adding that contrary to perception, he is confident that the military will respect the will of the people, if the MDC wins by a landslide in 2023.