Drama at Blue Roof as police stop Grace from ‘smuggling’ Mugabe’s body to Zvimba

THE Former First Lady Grace Mugabe has clashed with government officials as she was trying to ‘smuggle’ the body of the late national hero and former president Robert Mugabe to Zvimba for burial while president Emmerson mnangagwa is away, the Zim Morning Post can reveal.

‘Gucci’ Grace was met by an army of Zimbabwe Republic Police officers and other officials from the ministry of Home Affairs who have the task of running the heroes’ funerals.

The Doves and Nyaradzo crews which were making way to leave the capital for Zvimba at Grace and the family’s instructions were met by police officers who stopped them in their tracks.

The Zim Morning Post has it on good record that Mugabe was to be buried this Sunday amid clashes between government, Zvimba Chiefs and the Mugabe family.

The family which had agreed to have the late Mugabe buried at the National Heroes Acre where a US$1 million mausoleum is under construction had been having second thoughts as they had approached council for permission to bury him at Blue Roof.

City of Harare denied the family permission to bury the former leader at his Borrowdale home amid fears it would devalue the affluent low density residential area.

The burial which had been scheduled for Sunday was to be conducted while Mnangagwa is in New York City where the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly is underway.

Mugabe died on September 6 and he is yet to be buried.