Divisions rock MDC

  • Chamisa accused of behaving like a misguided missile
  • MDC old guard complain of being sidelined
  • Old guard says Chamisa should bring them back into positions of leadership

THE MDC is in a nasty fallout, with factional fights currently the order of the day.

Zim Morning Post has it on good authority that the old guard have sharpened their knives against the Nelson Chamisa-led executive, accusing the youthful leader of running the party like personal property.

The old guard, consisting of Douglas Mwonzora, Morgan Komichi, Ian and Theresa Makoni have reportedly complained of being dumped by the youthful party president immediately after he assumed power, notwithstanding their ‘immense’ contribution in birthing and keeping the MDC afloat, albeit under very difficult circumstances.

Many of the old guard used to occupy positions of seniority during the party’s late president Morgan Tsvangirai’s  era.

Sources said former secretary general of the MDC, Mwonzora, said when Chamisa took over, he started to systematically sideline the old guard, giving influential positions to those that had left the party under controversial circumstances, among them vice presidents Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube.

When Chamisa ascended to power, he started getting rid of the old members and appointed those that were expelled or not in good books with the late president of the party, Morgan Tsvagirai,” said the source.

Chamisa must bring the oldguard back into the party leadership.”

The former MDC leaders also complained, saying Chamisa had shut them out of the present board despite that they endorsed him during the 2018 elections.

“Chamisa is sidelining us, yet we were the backbone of the party in terms of endorsing him.

Moreover, Chamisa has forsaken the late Tsvangirai’s vision for the MDC.

He is completely  getting lost now. He needs guidance and being shown the way; so that he follows the footsteps of our late leader, Tsvangirai.”

Reports on the divisions rocking the MDC come at a time when there is massive disgruntlement in the party with regards to the role the former Zanu PF spin doctor Jonathan Moyo played during the 2018 elections.

Moyo, together with the National Patriotic Front (NPF), entered into a pact with the MDC hoping to bring on board all disgruntled former Zanu PF supporters.

Mugabe, who was playing an advisory role, was also roped in to raise funds for the MDC election campaign.

According to the MDC-NPF electoral pact note that circulated in the build-up to the elections, Mugabe was in a position to “assist the pre-election convergence with additional and key strategic capital, including the identification of leadership skills and capacity to fill the gaps and to solidify the pre-election convergence to enable it develop into a competent and credible governance framework after the election.”

However, the bone of contention emerged when Moyo, during the deliberations, positioned himself as the only available option for the position of the first vice president to Chamisa.