Deputy minister Modi dissociates self from illicit brew plant

DEPUTY minister of Industry and Commerce Raj Modi has cleared the air on reports that he operates an illicit brew plant in Bulawayo.

He clarified that all his alcoholic beverages are approved by Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) and he dissociated himself from the brand called Commander In Chief.

“I was shocked to wake up to news that I manufacture and sell an illicit beer called Commander In Chief,” he said.

“I have no idea what inspired that story because it is not only false but malicious. This is a figment of someone’s imagination. I don’t make alcohol which is not approved by the Standard Association of Zimbabwe. I challenge whoever came up with those allegations to prove that I manufacture such a product. Where do I manufacture it? Does it even exist? I doubt because I have not come across it,” he continued.

“I have three alcoholic products that I manufacture and they are divorced from the word “illicit” and these are Modivine Brandy, Everest Can Spirit and Divine Vodka. I would welcome complaints about their quality if there are any,  because I manufacture them, but I will not lose sleep over allegations that are inspired by a motive to undo my good name,” he added.

“I am businessman who observes ethics and I will never stray to the forbidden path, the well being of my customers and society is important to me.. My beverages are doing more than well, so there is no need for me to come with an illegal alcohol product. That is not me and it will never be me,” said Modi.

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