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Daggers out for Wadyajena

Knives are out for the chairman of the Portfolio Committee on Agriculture Justice Mayor Wadyajena over alleged underhand dealings in the Cottco Scandal.

The Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator is currently being investigated by the Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission.

The youthful businessman stands accused of using the committee to further his business interests.

Weeks ago, a warehouse belonging to him was raided by police and agricultural inputs belonging to Cottco were found.

It is alleged that Wadyajena intended to use the inputs for campaigning ahead of the 2023 polls.

The inputs are part of the presidential input scheme bankrolled by the Government of Zimbabwe to support poor farmers in rural areas.

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission spokesperson John Makamure confirmed a probe had been opened to of misuse of Cottco agricultural inputs.

“I can confirm that the Anti-Corruption body has started investigations into the Cottco issue. Two senior employees at the company are currently being prosecuted for abuse of office at the entity,” he said.

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa said Wadyajena should be removed from chairing the portfolio committee on Agriculture until the matter is finalised.

“He was doing business with the people he is supposed to oversee. He is approaching parliament with dirty hands. The honourable thing he can do is to recuse himself until the situation has been resolved,” Mliswa said in Parliament.

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda said the August House will look into the issue.

“The point raised by honourable Mliswa is valid. Parliament will look into the issue and make necessary recommendations,” he said.

Agenda for development and empowerment Mgcini Nyoni also buttressed that Wadyajena should removed as chair of the committee.

“It is unjust, biased and it will affect the outcome and independence of the investigation if Mayor remains as portfolio committee chair. His continued occupation of that position while under investigation will prejudice the state and the anti corruption fight which he claims to champion,” he said.