Coronavirus: New Generational Foundation founder gives orphans lifeline, throws weight behind hydroxychloroquine

GWERU based prophet and founder of New Generational Foundation Keldrick Jeff Kabinga last week provided a lifeline to orphans housed at Blue Hills in Gweru through donating an assortment of foodstuffs, to alleviate the effects of the Covid-19 induced lock-down.

The youthful cleric also aired his views on how the world failed to handle the pandemic and said he was optimistic that hydroxychloroquine and zinc were helpful to Covid-19 patients.

Now we have prominent and well known medical doctors and surgeons speaking out about the supposed false narrative the world has been given concerning a cure – namely hydroxychloroquine and zinc in low doses being given to patients,'” he said.

“I believe that Covid-19 has truly taken lives and that it truly is a pandemic, but how its origins and how it has been handled is questionable. And there is a lot of scepticism around the issue firstly of how with our highest technology and advanced science in China;they were not able to contain the virus,” he lamented.

“Doctors are being silenced against their patients being given hydroxychloroquine but it has proven quite effective by those who have been prescribing them in the right doses,” he added.

Turning back to his philanthropic gesture, Kabinga said he had noticed that authorities at Blue Hill were financially crippled by the lock-down and he saw it befitting to assist them to provide for the orphans housed there.

As you know the lockdown has cut several revenue streams for most people across the social strata and my heart bled for the orphans at Blue Hill and I mobilized the few resources I could get through my charity organization New Generational Foundation and decided to chip in with food stuffs.

“There is more joy in giving than in receiving,” Kabinga said.

Some of the orphans who benefited from the donation

He added that he was on a mission to assist the needy in any way he can despite of limited resources.

Kabinga is a prophet by calling and started prophesying at the tender age 14.

He has however not established a full time ministry and is awaiting the right time.

“At the moment,  I just host all-nights programs and conferences spreading the word of God and motivational talks. My aim is to change the world and make it a better place,” he said.

“I pray that this Covid-19 pandemic will soon be contained and we re-calibrate our lives. I also question whether masks still necessary and why the push on vaccines that have not been fully tested,” he added.

Kabinga said his wish is to spread the wings of his foundation beyond the Midlands province and set footprints in all the country’s 10 provinces and regionally.