Controversial HCC stands being sold

MANY Harare residents are up-in-arms with some Harare City Council (HCC) employees whom they accuse of corruptly issuing out stands to undeserving people, who in turn resale them at exorbitant prices which desperate home-seekers cannot afford.

The undeserving beneficiaries are accused of buying their way to the top of the waiting list, get the stands and afterwards resale them at very high prices.

The unscrupulous beneficiaries, besides the usual bribes to municipal employees, are said to be paying between ZWL50 000 and ZWL150 000 for a single stand to HCC and later resale them at between US$20 000 and US$50 000 each, depending with the size and location of the properties.

One of the properties that was allegedly acquired corruptly and put on sale is stand number 3683 in Malbereign, Harare.

The stand was allocated to Maida Mhene in February, 2020.

Upon being allocated the stand, Mhene was cleared to make a payment of ZWL154 000 by former housing director, Admire Nhekairo, to HCC within 14 days but reportedly only afforded ZWL2 000.

The ZWL2 000 payment was made under receipt number 11006393.

Mhene, however, is now reportedly disposing of the stand at US$50 000.

Nhekairo was recently arrested for corruptly illegally creating residential stands in Kuwadzana low density suburb and afterwards disposed of them, with the proceeds converted to his own use.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post, George Chisvo, the secretary of ward 16 for the Zimbabwe Combined Residents and Ratepayers Association, said most of the people reportedly benefiting from the allocations were those who wanted to make quick profits at the expense of genuine homeseekers.

“These people, if they were allocated the stands on which to build homes, why then would they be reselling the stands they acquired cheaply,” Chisvo told Zim Morning Post.

HCC spokesperson Michael Chideme said the practice of reselling stands acquired from the council’s housing scheme was illegal and perpetrators stood to lose their properties if found on the wrong side of the law.

“That is illegal (reselling stands) and such actions should be brought to the attention of the municipality.

“Once the Beneficiaries are found guilty, council is at liberty to repossess the stands and reallocate them to deserving people on the housing waiting list,” Chideme said.

Zim Morning Post has also learnt that some HCC employees and councillors have formed syndicates with local estate agents in order to facilitate their irregular activities.