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Civil servants to be paid based on attendance


Government has with immediate effect tied civil servant salaries with attendance in a bid to increase production.

Secretary, Public Service Commission Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe on Friday said the new measure will create a more efficient public sector.

“The Salary Service Bureau has been instructed to process salary payments for civil servants strictly on the basis of work attendance registers submitted by Government Ministries and Departments,” Wutawunashe said.

“Ministries will indicate cases where personnel have been officially excused from duty to ensure the inclusion of such personnel on the payroll,” he continued, adding that the attendance based pay structure will augur well with the majority of civil servants who continue to serve the public with dedication and commitment.

The new measure could trigger a debate on their effectiveness given civil servants unions have been crying foul over low salaries not in tandem with skyrocketing prices of basic goods and services.

Primary and Secondary Education Permanent Secretary Tumisang Thabela told journalists at Tuesday’s Post Cabinet media briefing, that 30 percent of teachers did not attend the first phase of exam students whose classes kick-started the final term of the year.

“From our daily check of attendance for the previous week, the number of teachers that were coming as compared to those that we were expecting was over 70 percent,” Thabela said.

Teachers have also argued that they are failing to send their own children to school due to depressed earnings.

“Fundamentally, teachers have no money to pay fees for their own children, pay for transport costs to their respective stations, and for their upkeep up to their September pay day. To assume that teachers can borrow money in order to go to their respective stations whilst their own children remain confined at home is oxymoronic,” said Takavafira Zhou, the President of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe.

“We reiterate that without a rescue package to enable incapacitated teachers to travel to their respective stations, there will be no teachers in schools,” Zhou added.