Chirumhanzu man mauled by hyenas

Chirumhanzu man mauled by hyenas 

People in Chirumhanzu, Midlands Province, are living in fear after marauding hyenas killed a man on Monday and fed on his body on Monday.

A man (name not given) from Chirumhanzu was killed by a pack of marauding hyenas while he was sleeping in his hut.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post,Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management (Zimparks) spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said the man was dragged from the hut.

His lower body was eaten.

“It is unfortunate that a Chirumhanzu man was eaten by hyenas: He was dragged from his hut while he was sleeping during the night. His lower body was eaten,” he also said.

In a similar incident, six beasts were said to have been killed  by  hyenas in the same area.

According to Farawo Zimparks is on the ground pursuing the hyenas as human and wildlife conflicts escalate.

Some have urged Zimparks to relocate the hyenas to Mana Pools National Park as the area is becoming more  dangerous.

Human-wildlife conflict occurs when animals pose a direct and recurring threat to the livelihood or safety of people, leading to the persecution of that species.