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Chinese national arrested after leaking illegal status during newspaper interview

A Chinese national is currently held at Khami Prison awaiting deportation after he leaked his illegal immigration status during a newspaper interview.

LI Changfeng (21), was interviewed by the Chronicle on February 22 wherein he described how he had fallen in love with Bulawayo’s Old Luveve suburb. He was interviewed preparing his native food at what had become his home in Old Luveve, describing how he sells Chinese food to residents adding it was selling like “hot cakes.”

The interview aroused immigration officials.

Investigations later showed that Li, who was employed by Dongxin Machinery Company, resigned on 4 October last year but did not notify the chief director of immigration.

“Bulawayo principal immigration officers Ncube and Kuvengwa instituted an investigation, after observing a Chronicle newspaper article indicating that there was a Chinese man who had fallen in love with Luveve suburb,” said Mr Sehliselo Khumalo told the court as Li was
charged with violating immigration regulations.

He said on 11 April this year Li was summoned to the immigration offices to present his documents for inspection.

“. . . It was discovered that he had a valid temporary employment permit (00051232), which expires on 26 August 2022. The permit indicated that he was employed by Dongxin Pvt Ltd based in Kadoma. It was then discovered that Li tendered a resignation letter on 4 October 2021,” said Mr Khumalo.

He said Li chose to ignore and neglected to notify immigration officials of developments.

Li was fined $10 000 by Bulawayo magistrate Mr Gamuchirai Gore who found him guilty of contravening section 36 (1) (h) of the Immigration Act, chapter 4:02 as read in section 23 (1) (b) of the immigration regulations act 1998.