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Back To School: Teachers Spell doom ahead of Schools opening

Almagamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has raised a red flag ahead of schools opening set for Monday.

Speaking in Harare on the sidelines of a consultative meeting with teachers, ARTUZ Secretary General Robson Chere said the government ‘jumped the gun’ to open schools without enough preparations.

“It is sad that the government announced that schools are going to open on Monday while it is not prepared

“Most teachers have not been jabbed, our salaries cannot fund our bus fare to work, we are incapacitated. Parents are not prepared and also the learners,” Chere told this publication.

The government Wednesday announced that schools were going to open in phases with exam classes opening Monday 30 August while non exam classes follow the next week.

Chere said government should consult all stakeholders for the betterment of education in Zimbabwe.

“The government should come and sit with all stakeholders in the education sector to come with a plan which will benefit our learners.
“The-I-know-it-all attitude will take us nowhere,” Chere added.

Tachers vowed that they will not set their foot in schools if their griviances are not addressed.

Meanwhile, Communications and Advocacy Director for the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Taungana Ndoro, insists that government has been preparing for schools opening for the past three months and were happy with what is on the ground.

“Schools are building new classrooms blocks, dining halls and coming up with single desks so that social distancing can be adequately implemented,” Ndoro told State media.

“There is also drilling of boreholes at schools that do not have running water and repairing of water reticulation systems so that there is adequate water provision.”

“We are also encouraging teachers to be vaccinated before they go back to school and they have heeded the call,” he added

The term will run up to December 17.