You are currently viewing …As Zanu PF celebrates clinching ‘opposition stronghold’ seats

…As Zanu PF celebrates clinching ‘opposition stronghold’ seats

The ruling Zanu PF says the weekend by-elections proved its growing popularity in the former opposition strongholds.

While addressing the media in Harare, Zanu PF spokesperson Chris Mutsvangwa said the results of the by-elections are a testimony to the growing popularity of the ruling party.

“The party is grateful to Manicaland for the win and Harare Province in Epworth which gave us two more seats in Parliament. Congratulations to those Zanu PF candidates who won several local council seats,” Mutsvangwa said.

“The ruling party did well and the candidates who wrestled seats from the opposition did well. I can’t say the same about the opposition. The fractious nature of opposition exposed them,” he said.

Mutsvangwa also said his party desrves the medal as they are the winners who snatched seats.

Mutsvangwa also said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) did the job so well because no one is complaining of favouritism or bias.

In a veiled attack to the opposition’s ragmatazz campaign trail that attracted thousands of supporters, Mutsvangwa said “a rally is not a booth. A voting booth is where power is dispenced because the CCC has been celebrating the numbers of youths attending their rallies.”

Mutsvangwa urged those who clinched the local council seats to get down to business.

“We hope they get down to serious business as winners because there is serious work to be done can they go back and look at removing rubbish, remove sewage which pesters the urban areas, provide running water.”

“There are a lot of issues they should be addressing, be responsible. Blaming central Government is not fair because electorate will catch up with them. We see 2023 as an opportunity.”

“We are here for the long term we shall be contesting urban areas. To the opposition we say their days of electorate supremacy is under serious challenges. Every councillor of the CCC must be accountable if not we will make sure to take them to task.

“The margin between CCC and ZANU PF declares a wash out. We cleaned and opposition failed to make traction. They are being neglected in rural vote and to think that 70 or 80% is rural constituencies where they are making tailways. Chamisa will be left aspiring to go to State House.”