7-year-old Murehwa boy killed for ritual purposes

The parents of a seven-year-old Murehwa boy are living a nightmare after their toddler was kidnapped and murdered last week for ritual purposes.

Police have so far arrested Tafadzwa Shamba who was one of the assailants who waylaid the seven-year-old boy before mutilating his body.

Shamba was found with blood-stained clothes which he wore on the day of the alleged crime.

“It is alleged that Tafadzwa Shamba, a herd boy in the same village with the victim, worked with the other suspects to waylay the victim at a garden,” police said in a statement.

“They took him to a mountain where they kept him for the whole day. They then killed him at night and one of the other suspects, who is from Juru Growth Point, took away the head leaving the herd boy with the other body parts after promising to give him US$1 500 on coming back.”