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2023 victory is certain- Chamisa

  • CCC to be officially launched
  • A new constitution is ready
  • Analysts say it is a little too late

“We have been working hard, the constitution is now ready and the structures will be in place and then the party will be officially launched any time soon,” Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the main opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change  (CCC) told the Zim Morning Post on New Year’s Day.

Chamisa also opined that 2023 is the year of victory because “nothing can stop an idea whose time has arrived.”

“Everywhere I go people are very clear, they want change and change is coming. God has already spoken,” said the youthful leader whose yellow movement has been trying to penetrate the ruling Zanu PF strongholds in the rural areas.

On being asked how his party will be able to know its membership and those who will vote for him since there are no structures in place, Chamisa said “when we launch the party, we will avail a new constitution which will guide the people on the structuring process as well as on the selection criteria of potential candidates who will run as legislators and counselors.”

Posting on his Twitter handle on the New Year’s Day Chamisa buttressed his earlier assertion that his party is ready.

“This 2022 GOD has been good to us, we covered milestones; CCC was formed but yet to be officially launched. -Draft constitution ready -Manifesto ready -Candidate selection template ready -Elections agents ready -PREPARE reforms document launched -The Jobs Plan ready.

“2023 brings hope, dignity and change. This year will be that year Zimbabwe becomes free, happy and prosperous. This is the time Citizens will win big and celebrate big. Be victorious, prosperous and hopeful. This is the year. All will see God’s hand. It’s a victory year. It is time.”

Buoyed by some electoral victories in both local government elections and legislators’ by-elections, Chamisa believes his party is ready for the crucial elections likely to be held in six months’ time.

However, some analysts and political commentators believe Chamisa no longer has time to restructure his party and bring it together before elections are held.

Ricky Mukonza, a South African based scholar and commentator said the delay in launching the party will derail any hopes for electoral victory.

“I am not convinced that there was any logic in the delay of both launching the party, having a constitution and coming up with structures,” Mukonza said.

“My thinking is that the delay was meant to allow Chamisa to consolidate political power within the new party.

“What I am not sure of is whether the time between now and the election is sufficient for the party to come up with structures, deal with inherent conflicts associated with such processes and then mobilise and campaign to win elections,” Mukonza said.

Another political commentator and legal expert Justice Mavedzenge concurs with Mukonza that it is too late for a serious political party to put structures in place with only six months left to hold elections.

“It is too little too late. Worse with no meaningful pressure having been exerted to force electoral reforms and to register new voters,” Mavedzenge said adding “the party should start preparing for 2028.”

Another political analyst and Africa University lecturer Alexander Rusero said the launching and restructuring of the party will not affect its performance in the 2023 elections.

“There is no time whatsoever to say is timely in terms of launching a party, it’s structures etc. What is important is the capacity of that political party to galvanize support and activate the electorate. It took ZANU three years to launch war after its formation.  In June 2000 MDC took half seats in Parliament barely a year after its launch,” Rusero said.

“It is prudent for the CCC to have structures in place as well as a constitution. A constitution is a necessary ingredient which spells out how power is exercised, distributed and shared within that movement. If properly put in place (structures and the constitution) they become the first defenceline for the party. If done with power consolidation more than democratization of the party in mind, then we will very soon hear of another split within that movement,” he said.

 The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission recently announced that the 2023 elections will likely to be held end of July or the beginning of August.

The elections come at a time when the main opposition has been under fire from party sympathisers for failing to put in place structures as well as a working constitution since its formation mid last year. The party has also failed to push for any meaningful electoral reforms aimed at leveling the electoral field.

It remains to be seen whether Chamisa will turn the tide around and translate his massive rally turn ups into electoral victory.